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by Dr. Angelos Vlahoyiannis
Sports Nutritionist - Dietitian, MSc, PhD
Academic Awards
2019: PhD student in Nutrition and Dietetics - Full academic scholarship
2018: 1st place Best Poster Presentation Award | 8th Conference of the Greek Society for Biochemistry and Physiology of Exercise
2018: Best Graduating Student in the MSc Sports Nutrition/Dietetics and Nutrition  Intervention program award
2018: Best School of Sciences and Engineering Graduate
Dr. Angelos Vlahoyiannis
Sports Nutritionist - Dietitian, MSc, PhD
Bachelor’s Degree (distinction) | Technological Educational Institute of Thessaly
Master’s Degree (distinction) | University of Nicosia
Doctoral Degree (distinction) | University of Nicosia
Academic research
Angelos published his first research paper in 2018, on post - exercise nutrition and its effects on sleep and sports performance. In the last three years, Angelos published a number of research papers in the fields of dietary behavior, body image, dehydration, Glycemic Index and the effects of late night exercising on sleep.

Awarded by the Greek Society for Biochemistry and Physiology of Exercise in the 2018 National Conference, Angelos continues to research Nutrition deeply, with more research papers awaiting publication. Presently, he councils in Nicosia, Cyprus.
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When being counseled by Angelos

You will receive evidence-based services, that provide up-to-date, personalized and flexible nutrition plans.
A client-centered approach aids as a guide through your journey, ultimately for you to turn into your own dietitian.

Passionate in teaching others the science of Nutrition, Angelos will simplify the most complex nutrition concepts.
Nutrition Plans
From lab
to practice
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Body Recomposition 
Optimal Body Composition
Sports Nutrition & Chrononutrition
Research Lab Nutrition
Supplement Guidance
Science Based Supplementation Instructions
Nutritional Counseling
One-on-one Tutorials
Body Recomposition
For optimal body composition
Lose Fat
Gain Muscle
Start by filling out the questionnaire and an online personalized & flexible dietary plan will be designed for you in order to reach your goals. Choose the plan that best suits you.

Sports Nutrition
Research Lab Nutrition
Athletic Performance Enhancement
Pre-event Nutritional Support
If you are an athlete, this package is for you. Start by filling out the questionnaire, and you will receive top level guidance for maximal sports performance and recovery.

Nutrition Timing Matters
Early Bird
Intermediate Chronotype
Night Owl
Curious about Chrononutrition? Early birds or night owls, your nutrition plan will be modified accordingly. Start by identifying your chronotype, and you will receive cutting-edge guidance to achieve your goals.

Supplement Guidance
Overwhelmed with the vast array of supplements out there?
Maximize Performance
Body Recomposition
Recovery and Sleep
It is ok to wonder whether you should take a simple multivitamin, or whether creatine is healthy.

Whether you want to improve your performance, optimize your recovery or change your body composition, you will be provided with the evidence-based list of nutrition supplements that you should take, and a supplement plan designed for you. Healthy and effective.

Nutritional Counseling
Questions about your diet? You don’t want to follow a nutrition plan? No worries, you can discuss your nutrition questions, concerns, habits and modify them, together.
Nutrition science knowledge
Nutrition behavior modification
Start by filling out the questionnaire and book your online session with Angelos. He will help you reach a deep understanding of nutrition and explain all you need to know, myths, fads and facts to any extent you wish to go.

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Common Questions

What is Dietitico?
Dietitico is an online nutritional coaching service. We created dietitico to provide you with high quality nutritional services, personalised and flexible nutrition plans, as well as online 1:1 nutritional tutoring.
How do I start?
Buy the program you are interested in and we will immediately mail you with a service-specific and interactive questionnaire you need to fill out.
When do I start?
Immediately! This makes Dietitico special. Make your online appointment anywhere, anytime! As soon as you submit the online questionnaire that we will send you, we will need 48 hours to provide you with a custom made nutrition plan.
Can I combine services?
Yes! If you wish to buy any of of our dietary plan service (e.g. Body Recomposition, Sports Nutrition or Chrononutrition), you may combine it with Supplement Guidance, Nutritional Counseling or both!
Where's my Plan?
If you have not received it within 48 hours after questionnaire submission, check your junk mail first. If it’s not there contact us immediately by filling out the form below.
Does this apply to everyone?
Please contact us by filling out the form below, prior to using Dietitico if you have any medical condition (Diabetes Melitus Type 1, kidney disease etc.)
Celebrating our new site we provide a Free Body composition Estimation!
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Celebrating our new site we provide a Free Body composition Estimation!
Yes it is possible!
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